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A. Summers GA

  This morning I received an email which appeared to be from PayPal. This was the beginning of the message - You received a payment of $231.66 USD Thanks for using PayPal. To see all the transaction details, download your PayPal Transaction details file: -followed by a link to see that file. I have not sold anything in quite some time so was not expecting payment for anything. Concerned there might have been a mixup that I should get unmixed, I clicked the link which triggered a popup box telling me that Chrome had blocked it as dangerous. I looked very carefully at every letter, punctuation, and instruction in the email and can't see anything that doesn't look right. So I called IDShield to get the opinion and advice of an investigator. I spoke to a woman who listened to my story, asked a few questions, and determined that the email was an attempt at phishing, that it seems software on my end did what it is supposed to do and that I have nothing to be concerned about. All I need to do is delete the email. Once again IDShield provided me with quick peace of mind.  

M. Wick AZ

 This is from a new business plan member.
Review: LegalShield was there through the roughest patch of my new day spa business opening. I had access to attorneys and law information that I wouldn't have otherwise had. Although I did not like looking at the flaws of my business. LegalShield forced me to look at certain things that can and will protect me and my company in the future. LegalShield provided legal documents for me, reviewed and edited them for me. I was able to create contracts for my private contractor staff members. And while this outcome resulted in having to let one go because they were unwilling to follow contract rules, it was for the best. Having that particular staff member gone allowed me to close that door and open a couples room. Doing this profited more income within a week than the room had produced the entire four months she was there. Everything happens for a reason and I'm so grateful that I have LegalShield, its attorneys and GoSmallBiz associates to answer questions. Not to mention, the perks and discounts being a LegalShield member provides. 

R.Boulette VA


SNAP! Not proud of it but life happened 2 months back & had to use our SNAP function. A proactive call from the provider letting me know a referral attorney (from within the provider firm) was already assigned. The referral attorney had a conflict of schedule. They then arraigned the postponement. They even sent a copy of the reschedule notice even though the court sent one directly to me. GREAT client service! So this morning I went to court with the referral attorney which resulted in a reduced charge NO points protecting my insurance rates.

And now the rest of the story! The judge commented on my name & the origin as I first approached the bench. As we finished she commented on my lapel pin "And you even have the Statue of Liberty pin." (She needs her glasses prescription checked.) My reply was "No that is the Lady of Justice." Taken aback she asked why. "I represent LegalShield." She said mentioned another associate she is friends with and said, "Great service. I don't know why more people don't use it." My smiling reply "I just did." Then the constable in the court mentioned he & his partner are members.This just may be a clue. 

J. Evans FL

A great friend called me today while she and her son are at an out-of-state Convention where she and others rented an AirBnB home. Upon arrival, the TV didn’t work properly and the bedsheets were stained and dirty. They called the owner to complain and tried to get a solution but were met with the owner telling them they needed to vacate the property immediately, as she didn’t appreciate them complaining. I suggested they call the 24/7 Emergency number to the Law Firm. Result: The owner is being fined by AirBnB for her actions and is required to deliver new pillows and sheets to the home tonight and honor the full stay for the Guests. Another Happy and Empowered Member. 

K. Middleton NY


I received this email this morning from a very happy member.

"Good morning
I just wanted to let you know that l used the LegalShield recently for an unexpected horrible situation and everything was taken care of through LegalShield. I am so happy I signed up for this service through my work (name of her company) 1.5 years ago. I didn’t think I would actually use it but I did!!


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